Short Photo Movie
2011 / 29 min / color

Emily spent every day in loneliness.
I was the only friend of such her.
One day, in order that I might make a photo book of her and her favorite place, I had a camera and decided to go to her favorite place with her.
A few days later, when I watch the photograph which oneself took…
I knew Emily’s secret.

Rect. -Break up of Commonsense-

Short Film
2012 / 6 min / color

A stone-faced man is only looking people on the street.
Casual everyday scenes; the people who hurry off in head to work or walk with having a chat, the people whom I laugh and make happy.
On the other hand, this man who seems to be troubled. What corners him to here?
The scenery which does not change all the time, daily life without the difference…Will it be really “normal”?
Finally is the action that a man took…?

The world that can be walked only straight and twisted only in a right angle when you change a course.
One man who he is at a loss to such a parallel world, and was crowded is a chief character.


Short Film
2013 / 5 min / color

“Rect. -Break up of Commonsense-” was only a tip of an iceberg. What is the truth? Do the truth exist in this world? …Now, our existence is in danger.

[13.1-9+19+13] Vol.01

Experimental music video
2015 / 6 min / color
2015 October Los Angels Independent Film Festival Awards
Best Experimental Winner
2015 October Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival
Award of Recognition Experimental (Short) / Music score (Short) / Makeup Winner

They have no beliefs, but they have some religions. Yes, I have some religions…“to unbelieve”.
Gods save us, yes? The world we see is the true, yes? Excellent.
Here it is…the dreams are coming true.