2017 already left, now 2018.

Now it’s 2018 already.

Since the last post,it’s having been about 1 year!
Mamma mia!

So… What I have done in this 1 year?
Of course I don’t just lay down like without the soul. XD

These days, I focus on the following:
– Photogragh (Self makeup portrait)
– Website making (Front end developing and design)
– Piano performance
– Continuing the planning for the next film project

The happy thing is it’s increasing that people watch my Instagram posts and from that content someone contact to me.
I’m glad to get messages like this, and also welcome to any kinds of messages for jobs.

Contact to info@ma-films.com anytime!
Collaboration, job offer, interview, ANYTHING!!
I go anywhere for OUR happiness 🙂

I don’t update often this blog, so check out my Instagram posts! (It’s my mainly content in recently.)