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Hi there! How are you? This is Madam M.A.
Today I have some news and announce to you.

First, THANK YOU SO MUCH to have shared and bought my first book “[3+20]“!!
I’m so pleasure that you’ve been interested in this book.
Many people ask to me “Where can I buy it?”, so I can answer for this question 🙂
I show the store list again in here and it’s updating day by day, it means that I’d like to make this book go to more people so I do my best.
Here is the list:
Shanti books in Sapporo
Etsy online store
Spreesy online store
Kaku Store in Tokyo NEW
Madam M.A online store NEW
Directly from Madam M.A
Become a patron NEW

Second, I have an announce to you, and it’s so important for us to continue my art works.

To make something, I always have to live with the cost and it’s not so cheap you know.
For example, can you imagine how much costs does it takes to make 1 book?
Saying the truth…totally it costs about 17,000yen (about $134), but it doesn’t including CD’s costs or another things.
Of course I took a lot of time, risk and costs to make [3+20], for example, to go to somewhere, for photo shooting, recording the sound, making the CDs, for some regal tasks…e.t.c.
So…SERIOUSLY, I need your support!
My 1st step of the goal is “TO RE-PRINT MORE [3+20]”.
Why? Because I need to spread more my works, not only 10 or 20 people in Japan, but A LOT OF PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD!
Also I have written another more reasons why I need patrons and what I’ll do next in my Patreon page, please check it.

It’ll be a big pleasure if you become my patron, or share my blog / website to your SNS pages.

Big hug to you all.